Thursday, July 31, 2014


Beware of some negativity. Sigh.

I am so disappointed right now. People keep backing out and yes, life is not good God knows since when. Yes, I know we should be grateful of littlest thing that happened through our life, but truth is those grateful things were, back when I was a child. As I grow older, I keep messing up everything, studies, love life,wealth, friendship, every fucking relationship. Why? I was never the fortunate one. Always. It's like everywhere I go, misfortune will come after me.

Say alhamdulillah to whatever comes. How about always the bad luck that came? Where did the good luck have gone? Are you hiding somewhere? I'm still figuring out the whys and whatsnot, and up to this day, I haven't found any clues of why. I am so frustrated.

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