Wednesday, June 17, 2015


While watching some show on tv yesterday,  upon seeing the actors. 

Sis : Remy ni hensem ni kalau tengok depan-depan. 
Me : Kan dah cakap, tak percaya. 

Just because they said he looks like Bangladeshi. 

Next, the other actor came in. 

Sis : Amar ni cucuk ni tu yang hensem. 
Me : Even before ni pun hensem what. 
Sis : Taklah, dulu dia tak cerah macam ni pun. Dah jadi artis, terus jadi segaklah. 
Me : 😑 

My taste and her taste definitely not the same. But hell yeah, I agreed some actors and actress getting prettier each days compared to their debut day. Dah duit banyak, you can do anything you want lah. 

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