Saturday, January 4, 2014

In pursuit of becoming a doctor

We had our first class for the second week today for Obstetric & Gynaecology round. So far, I've learnt new knowledge. And I kinda like it. It's not boring. Maybe because we are learning parts of our body which we quite familiar with.

For the first time, I just knew there are few steps for palpation of abdomen in pregnancy women. I thought the doctors just feel a little bit here and there, when in facts all those palpation have their own significance. We learnt how to do fundal height, fundal grip, umbilical grip, pelvic grip. Those are the basics steps. From those steps, we can get the weeks of gestation, and even the position of the baby ( whether it's okay or not to do normal delivery whatsoever)

Anyway, at the very last of our class, my doctor taught us on how to draw blood. She said the subject is so important that she didn't understand why the university didn't put it in our last year's syllabus.

"And yet, your relatives thought you were a doctor,"

And I agreed.

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